Campaign for Women and Child Rights (CWCR)

The struggle for the elimination of child labour in Firozabad glass industries and carpet industries of Agra, his unending love towards the humanity, social bent of mind, poverty forces, adverse situations of women, gender inequality and the prevailing pathetic and pitiable situations of the most deprived, exploited and distressed people of the society has forced Dilip Sevarthi (a reputed, famous, recognized social worker and honoured with many awards) and other likeminded people to establish a platform named “Campaign for Women and Child Rights (CWCR).

Though the CWCR had been operational for many years but formally it took the shape of an organization 1996 under the dynamic leadership of senior, experienced social worker and famous human rights activist Mr. Dilip Sevarthi. Since then the CWCR is working for the rights of women and children. Currently thousands men, women and children are the members of Campaign for Women Child Rights (CWCR). The CWCR is a public campaign which works as a watchdog to protect the rights of women and children.

Many organizations have become the member organizations of CWCR because they also do believe in the values, vision, mission and the causes for which the Campaign for Women and Child Rights (CWCR) is fighting.

Rights Based Approach (RBA) of CWCR Strategy

introduction 1Campaign for Women and Child Rights adopts the following strategy based on Rights Based Approach for safeguarding the human rights and to promote the development and empowerment of women and children.

The Campaign for Women and Children’s Rights (CWCR) adopts the strategy by networking and lobbying, advocacy and liaison against the govt. It spreads the awareness in the society and makes an endeavour to safeguard the rights and promoting the development and empowerment of women and children.

introduction 2The CWCR organizes the agitation, demonstration and gherao of government officials in order to give the voice to the voiceless, ensuring the rights of the women and children deprived in all spheres by using the networking and lobbying, advocacy and liaison, outreach awareness and behaviour change and communication (BCC). The Campaign for Women Child Rights has done a lot for the elimination of child labour of Firozabad glass industry, carpet industry of Agra districts and the development and empowerment of women.

CWCR spreads the awareness in the society by organizing the rallies, placing posters, pamphlets distribution, wall writings, competitions, public education programs, campaigns, bal panchayats, child rights protection committees and NFE and joyful learning in order to eliminate the child labour and the development of women in the society. The CWCR makes an endeavour so that peace can rest and all the members of the society can move ahead with the principle of “live and let live”.

Vision of CWCR

To stop the violation of human rights of women and children and to implement the principle of “live and let live” without any discrimination. To protect the human rights of women and children irrespective of caste, religion, global boundary, race, gender, rich and poor etc.

Mission of CWCR

Protecting the human rights of all the women and children by using the socio-democratic instruments of lobbying, advocacy and outreach awareness.

Human Values of Campaign for Women and Child Rights (CWCR)

We visualize the world with beautiful and healthy environment hence, all humans, birds, animals and other creatures of the nature must be protected in terms of their rights and all the humans should utilize the forest, land, water and air at minimum and as per the necessity and make an endeavour to protect and preserve them for the next human generation. The whole world and the society should be governed by the same law hence everybody everywhere in the world should follow the democratic rules and regulations. But no rule or law should be made which poses the challenges for the existence of humans, animals, birds and other creatures of this environment. In addition to it, they must not be suppressed, oppressed and violated the rights. The world can rest at peace if no any human violates the rights of each other.

Let the human relations be intact. No woman, man, child, aged, black or white, national or international should be discriminated on the basis of caste, religion, village, poor, region, society or the nation. Every human has equal rights which he/she should get.

Every human is entitled to participate and has right to benefit him/her of every aspect of development in the age of science which every human should get. In the human life cycle from birth till death, all humans are supposed to play the responsibilities of child, adolescent, adult and aged that’s what from childhood to aged role of human life should not be deprived of the development. We are also the part of the human society of this world that’s what we think and do such that if all did not get the justice we also would not and if we get the justice by practicing the discrimination with others or we do not discourage the discrimination then we will also not get the justice at any step. Therefore we intend to make the world free from exploitation, just and environment loving.

Objectives OF CWCR
  • To promote the socio-economic, political, health and educational development of the women, mothers of child labourers, Maha dalits.
  • To safeguard the rights of women and children and discourage the violation of rights in any form by networking and lobbying and advocacy and liaison.
  • To liberate the child labour, educate, train, rehabilitate and mainstream them into the prime development arena.
  • To promote the gender equality in all spheres of human life in the rural and urban society.
  • To protect and contribute in the ecological balance by creating the mass awareness through seminars, workshops and community education etc.
  • To enable the child labour of glass and carpets industries to access their rights for their inclusive development.
  • To develop and empower the women, child labour mothers, Maha dalits to enable to exercise their basic rights for the best survival possible.
  • To stop the gender disparity and the violation of rights of women and children in order to let them grow at full length as the best assets of the nation.