Awareness and Counselling

awareness counselling 01For this as a first step we create a suitable atmosphere by holding awareness camps on the theme of child rights. Having sown the seeds of awareness, we then identify families in need of support. As a next step we sit up with the family and talk about how to reduce their weakness or vulnerability to depend on child labour. We tell them about the evil of overpopulation and the need to practice family planning measures. We also tell them the importance of protecting environment, for disregarding this aspect is a cause of accentuating their problems of ill health and waste of money on meeting medical bill. We encourage male members of the family to take part in domestic chores so that women get space to participate in more empowering economic activities to lend support to the family income.

At this stage any reason for the child’s remaining away from the school is also identified, which could be uninviting school atmosphere or lack of care towards educating girl children, etc. We counsel children separately. Form Bal Panchayats and KishoriManch for boys and girls respectively. Children with no background of child labour, yet away from the school are mainstreamed by us immediately with necessary support.

Mainstreamed children are provided tuition support to enable them to do good at studies.

awareness counselling 02Parents of over aged girls prefer them study at our Non-formal Education Centrers to avoid social ridicule in the school. They continue further study at the NFE Centres only. We include necessary inputs for them on life skills, general awareness and knowledge as also. vocational education to enable them to earn livelihood. We continue to counsel parents on gender equality to promote girls education.

Since the backbone of the problem is poverty, we identify major members of the family and provide vocational training to enable them to earn enough.

Women family members are encouraged to join Self Help Groups, who seek support from SHG and Seed Federation.

We provide suitable counselling to the parents of disabled children as also to the community at large to accord special care and respect to the rights of disabled take adequate care

Our child rehabilitation activities follow the method of community rehabilitation programme, which ultimately aims at the holistic approach making the parents capable to take both financial support and attending to the growth and health related problems of their disabled children.