Training on Strengthening of Child Rights Protection Committee

training on strengthening of child rights protection committee

One day long training was organized from January 19 to 21, 2019, for strengthening Child Rights Protection Committee (CRPC) in eight slum locations of the project area. In all 214 people participated.

CRPC was formed for elimination of child labour in the age group of 04 to 14 years and rehabilitation of freed child labour in the project area.  The CRPC leaders are supposed to organize meetings to discuss and resolve the issue of safeguarding children rights.  It is also the leaders’ responsibility to make the children’s parents understand about safeguarding their rights.

The objectives of the training were:

  • To secure and protect rights of child labour and ensure their rehabilitation
  • To reduce incidences of exploitation of child labour
  • To create awareness among parents of child labour towards ensuring basic rights
  • To create awareness about legal and law related to child labour among parents
  • To create awareness among parents about physical, mental and health development of child labour
  • To inform government and related departments about basic rights of child labour in the age groups of 6-14 years
  • To make complaints in toll free number related to exploitation cases of child labour

Trainers explained how child labour and freed child labour could assert their rights and entitlements with support from CRPC. The CRPC was committed to secure and safeguards rights of child labour.

Many decisions about CRPC were taken:

  • CRPC will start giving more focus on elimination of child labour though identification of child labour and securing child rights.
  • CRPC will focus on informing government and respective departments about elimination of child labour by ensuring proper access over government programme, social security schemes and rehabilitation package for families of freed child labour.
  • Level of awareness among leaders of CRPC will increase towards ensuring access over social security schemes.
  • CRPC will start giving more attention on registration of eligible children, pregnant and lactating women and adolescents into their respective anganwadi centres.