Training of Adolescent Groups’ Leaders

training of adolescent groups leaders

Vikas Sansthan organized two days’ training for leaders of adolescent groups on 25-26 January, 2019, at Vikas Ashram. Thirty-seven participants from six locations - Azadnagar, Shyamnagar, Ramnagar, Mehtabnagar, Vijaynagar and Charbagh - were present during the meeting. Lecture methods, video documentary related to gender, presentation and open discussion methods were followed during the training.

The objectives of the training were:

  • To educate about expected roles and responsibilities as leaders of adolescent groups
  • To educate adolescents about physical growth and personal health and hygiene
  • To inform and educate about gender equity and importance of education

Points of Discussion

  • Open discussion held about problems of adolescents about their day to day problems and challenges
  • Redressal of problem of adolescents and how to improve health conditions
  • How to assert rights and demand for gender equity within households and in the public spheres
  • Need and importance of education for girls/adolescents
  • Hurdle in development due to prevalent social taboos and stigma


  • Leaders developed clarity about gender equity, need and importance of education, health and hygiene measures, existing social taboos and stigma within households and in public sphere
  • Leaders of adolescent groups will start performing their expected roles and responsibilities more effectively in favour of development of adolescents
  • Elimination of child labour will happen and girls and adolescents will start focusing on education as well as adolescents above 15 years will join vocational skill training