Children Parliament Strengthening Training

training for children parliament strengthening

One day long training were organized in all the eight slum locations from January 23 to 31, 2019, for the members/leaders of Children Parliament to strengthen and make the body more functional towards elimination of child labour. In all 267 participants were present the training.

Children’s parliament was formed for enhancing the leadership among children and elimination of child labour in the age groups of 04-14 years. The leaders of the children parliament are supposed to lead the group and raise voice against the violation of the children’s rights. They enable children to access their rights, provide leadership against their exploitation and take help of the government toll free helpline numbers 100 and 1098. They developed their understanding on such issues.

Leaders of children’s parliament received inputs for elimination of child labour as well as safeguarding and protecting rights of freed child labour.  The participating leaders were told how they could ensure access over entitlements and assert rights of child labourers. They were told that this was the leaders’ responsibilities to make the child labourers aware so that they could ask the government for their rights. The freed child labourers were suggested to raise issues such as education, health, participation, protection, etc., with the government departments concerned.

The participants were from Ganga Nagar, Kaushalya Nagar, Satya Nagar, Samrat Nagar, Abbas Nagar-I, Abbas Nagar-II, Hasmat Nagar-I and Hasmat Nagar-II.