Adolescent Groups Strengthening Training

adolescent groups strengthening training

Training for strengthening adolescent groups were held at eight locations of the project areas from February 4 to 15, 2019. The objectives of the training were:

  • To create awareness about importance of education for adolescents
  • To create awareness about health of adolescents through adolescents forum
  • To raise voices against discrimination and exploitation through adolescents forum
  • To inform about physical changes and growth among adolescents
  • To create awareness about personal, general health and hygiene
  • To eliminate social taboos and stigma attached in larger societies with adolescents/girls
  • To educate members/leaders of adolescent forum aware about the use of toll free women’s help line number 1099 and 100 to make complaint about their problems and incidences of exploitation

Points of Discussion

  • Interaction with parents for demanding their rights as well as continuing their education
  • Health and nutrition aspects for making adolescent healthy and demand for accessing entitlements
  • Demand for equal rights in households as well as in public sphere
  • Regular health check-up in government hospital or at aganwadi centre by ANM. Hygiene measures were also discussed
  • Asserting equal rights at households level
  • Awareness about existing social evil such as early child marriage, veil system, social taboos/stigma, etc.
  • How to voice and make complaints against exploitation and discrimination by use of toll free women help line number 1099 and 100

Training played important role in creating awareness among participating adolescents for leading their respective groups. They become aware about importance of education. They also became aware about health, nutrition, personal and physical hygiene measures.  They also understood about importance of regular health check-up for living a healthy life. They were capacitated enough to voice against exploitation/discrimination at household level and public sphere. They also became aware for using toll free women helpline number 1099 and 100 during incidences of exploitation and discrimination.