Training for Strengthening SHGs

training for strengthening shgs

A training for the leaders of the SHGs members was held from February 16 to 25, 2019. Forty women participated in the training. Respective bal mitras were also present.

Inputs were given to the participants on the importance of SHGs, their rules and processes. They were impressed upon that regular savings, ensuring participation of all members of SHGs, charging the fine with defaulter members for late coming and absence in meeting, keeping the accounts of the money, fixing the interest with unanimous decision so that all the members know about the rules so that they can cooperate with each other to run the self-help group.

They will understand the importance of regular saving, access the loan easily for the livelihoods; they would be able to save the money for future. They will also develop their understanding on the government schemes.

The participants came from Ganga Nagar, Kaushalya Nagar, Satya Nagar, Samrat Nagar, Abbas Nagar-I and Hasmat Nagar-I.