Mother of Child Labour Joins SHGs and Starts IGA

sunitaSunita Devi is 31 years old. Her husband is Netram. She lives in Chaarbagh slum areas of Firozabad district. Earlier, Sunita Devi lived in Ramdas Ka Pura village of Agra district. But in absence of source of income and livelihood opportunities, she and her family migrated and started living in Charbagh. Sunita has been facing problem of livelihood from beginning as her husband’s one arm was cut in an accident.  Sunita was disturbed due to poor economic condition as their relative were also not supporting to them.

Vikas Sansthan workers met Sunita and understood the poor economic condition of her family. They explained about importance of SHGs to Sunita. Sunita showed interest and joined Krishna SHGs of Charbagh. She became president of the SHG. She took loan of Rs 3000 and engaged her husband in local vending of peanut.

Sunita has studied only till standard 2. During SHGs meeting, she has shown her interest for studying too. Sunita is now also studying and doing bangle work. All children of Sunita are studying. Now income of Sunita’s families has been increased due to self-employment of her husband.  Earlier Sunita was not coming out but now after joining of SHGs she become vocal and started coming out. She also visited bank and done bank linkages of SHGs. Now Sunita is aiming to start her own small business.