Freed from Child Labour Shikha Joins NFE Centre

shikhaShikha is 9 years old. Her father Raj Kumar and mother Mamta Devi are no more. She has three sisters. She does not have any idea about her place of birth, but says they are from Delhi. After death of her parents, they started living in Azadnagar slum areas of Firozabad.

Her father was disabled and he died because of wrong treatment of tuberculosis. Her mother also died eight years back due to stomach ailment. One sister of Shikha was given to another family due to poor economic condition. Shikha started living in rented house of Azadnagar close to her aunt’s home. They also approached to media for some help and support but nothing materialized. They started earning some money by doing bangle work and somehow started managing their livelihood.

Vikas Sansthan workers approached Shikha as they were doing bangle work in their home. They explained them importance of education, particularly for girls. They were reluctant to study due to fear of expenditure. Vikas Sansthan workers explained them about free education. After that Shikha’s elder sister allowed Shikha to join non-formal education centre.

Shikha joined NFE Centre and started studying in class 1 from July 10, 2018. After two days Shikha refused to come to the centre as she was not interested in education. Again Vikas Sansthan workers motivated Shikha and her elder sister. Finally, Shikha started attending regular classes from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm. She also became member of Children Parliament of Azadnagar. Shikha has dream for continuing her education sincerely and becoming a school teacher.