Mainstreaming Freed Child Labour Khusboo into Formal School


Khushboo Bano, a 13 year old child of Jan Mohamad, resides in Hasmatnagar Colony. She has five brothers and two sisters. Her father is a wage labourer.  No one in her family is literate. Her mother, brothers and sisters are engaged in bangle work.

They face problem in paying rent of Rs 500 per month due to less income. Due to poor economic condition, they used to go for open defecation. She used to work entire day in bangle work.  Many time her hand cut due to bangle work. Due to less income, she was not being treated. Water supply was also not regular. We were not taking bath every day. Her father was also not able to earn due to his old age. Somehow they were managing their lives in difficult circumstance.

One day Vikas Sansthan workers visited her locality and approached her parents. They informed her mother about importance of education and requested her to send Khushboo to the school. Her mother said they did not have money for paying fees and meeting other expenses. Vikas Sansthan workers told her that they did not charge fee. Then her mother permitted her to attend the non-formal school.

Khushbool started attending non-formal school of the Vikas Sansthan from January 20, 2019. Now she is attending classes regularly. At present she is in class V. She has learnt counting and reading and writing Hindi and English. She has also become aware of child rights and education rights.  Soon she will take admission in class VI in regular government school and study up to 12th standard at least.