Freed Child Labour Takes Vocational Training in Carpentry


This is the story of Jeeshan, a 15 years old child living in Aabaas Nagar of Firozabad. His father Sabir Ali is a vendor and daily wage labourer. Jeeshan has three sisters and seven brothers. No one his family is literate. He studied only up to second standard. He was not interested in studies, so he joined a mechanic workshop and started earning 30 rupees a day. He used to work for 10 hours, but the owner’s behaviour was not good. Even his surrounding environment was not good. His brothers and sisters were also engaged in work. Collectively they were meeting needs of the family by doing wage work.

One day Vikas Sansthan workers visited his locality and informed the residents about importance of vocational training for the children over 15 years, mainly for school dropout children or illiterate children. During interaction with the community they got in touch with Jeeshan. They counselled him on vocational training and further met his parents and motivated them to allow Jeeshan to join vocational skill training in carpentry.

Seeing the importance, Jeeshan and their parents became ready. Jeeshan first joined Mother Teresa Vocational Training Centre in the month of October 2018 and started learning carpentry work. During his vocational skill training, he also started learning. Now he knows counting, reading and writing Hindi. He also developed soft skills. Jeeshan has now started living in a better way. He dreams of opening his own shop after completing training.