Health Check-up and Treatment at Government Hospital


Working in glass industry always affects the health of the working children. The glass industry is health hazardous industry. This health aspect has been clearly disseminated to children, adolescents and parents during meetings of Children Parliament, Adolescents Groups and Child Rights Protection committee. During these meetings, it emerged that children were not able to continue their studies because of their illness, which in turn was caused by their engagement in glass and bangle work. Parents were not giving attention to their children due to poverty and ignorance about health hazardous aspect.

Neelam Kumari, aged 11 years, D/o Surendra Singh, lives in Ganga Nagar. For the last three years, she was engaged in bangle work and became ill. All family members were engaged in bangle work. Mantasa, aged 11 years, D/o Lamil, lives in Abaas Nagar. For the last four years, she was engaged in bangle work and always remained ill. Likewise, Ravi Kumar, aged 14 years, S/o Chottelal, lives in Satya Nagar. For the last five years, he was engaged in bangle work and his health condition was not good.

Seeing the illness and health issues of children, the project team members organized a meeting on February 9 and discussed the health issues of working children in detail. They explained the need for a check-up of working children in a government hospital with children and their parents during the meeting.  Children were taken to the government hospital on February 15, 2019, and their health check-up was done. Following a consultation from the government hospital, the health condition of working children improved and they also started attending the school on a regular basis.

But it also emerged that families were not much satisfied with the services of the government hospital as they did not give much attention to child labour families. This issue was discussed and the project team members ensured that the government hospital employees will give attention. But they should approach during their illness.